Herbal inhalation

It is derived from a traditional Finnish sauna temperature range of 45 - 60 ° C. The relative humidity is between 55 - 60%. In the space are vaporized natural flavors of chamomile and jasmine. Recommended length of stay is up to 25 minutes. Capacity: 7

Steam sauna - menthol inhalation (eucalyptus)

The temperature in the sauna is between 45 - 55 ° C, relative humidity of 100%. The air is saturated with natural oil peppermint, menthol. The procedure is purifying upper respiratory tract. Recommended stay in this area is 15 minutes. Capacity: 7 persons.

Hot sauna

It is derived from a traditional Finnish sauna, with temperature range of 95-98 ° C. Relative humidity ranges from 45-50%. Recommended length of stay is 7-15 minutes with 2-3 times in a row repeating. There must be a slight cooling and relaxation after overheating of the body. It is important not to overestimate own strength and respect individual health of the visitor. The main attraction of our hot sauna is an attractive sauna heater that automatically moistens the space carrying lava stones out of the oven into a copper kettle filled with water. At the same time, this effect is used as a design element. This automatic process ensures stable humidity area. Capacity: 10 persons.

Infra sauna

It is the mild procedure of body overheating and it is suitable for those who can´t bear the high temperature. Deep heat stimulates muscles and organs - that results into heavy sweating. Increased body temperature ensures blood supply. Infrared sauna is very relaxing and there is no excessive burden of the organism. Body surface temperature, maximum 2 mm below the skin, is 40 - 42 ° C, relative humidity in the space is in the range of 42 - 45 ° C. We recommend a length of stay in the cabin for 15-20 min. (with twice repeating). Capacity: 8 persons.

Salt mine

The temperature in the sauna is between 42 - 44 ° C. The relative humidity is 50%. The air is heated by the sauna stove and is enriched by spontaneous release of original salt surface ions, which favorably affects the respiratory system. Salt from the reservoir can massage your body and increase its effect. Leaving the cab through the passage shower can cleanse your body of salt. Recommended stay in this area is up to 20 minutes. Optional twice repeatition. Capacity: 7 persons.

Forest sauna- herba sauna

It is derived from a traditional Finnish sauna temperature range of 55 - 60 ° C. The relative humidity is between 50 - 60%. We include it to moderate overheating procedures and recommended length of stay is 15 to 20 minutes with 2-3 times in a row repeating. There must be a slight cooling and relaxation after overheating of the body. The uniqueness of our forest sauna is a special sauna heater called "herb", that allows the inhalation of herbs, twigs etc. Inhaled natural products are regularly wetted with cold water, and so this reaction between heat and cooling ensures intensive leaching of aroma, essential oils etc. Capacity: 8 persons.

Ice bucket

Is a part of the area of the cooling pool, and is used to cool the body less drastically. Water content is about 12 L and it has a temperature of 8-12 ° C.

Foot bath

is heated mosaic bench with two containers on their feet. The procedure is a relief for our aching feet. After filling the water, we add an aromatized salt and relax our legs in 35 ° C water for 15 minutes. After finishing the procedure we drain the water by pressing the siphone and rinse in the container.

Ice water well

Is cooling procedure with possibility of full body ice massage.

Kneipp bath

Four monolithic pools with automatic technology of water topping and discharge. Hot water is aerated. The temperature difference of water - 15 - 36 ° C makes this procedure unique, it improves blood circulation in our feet. Massage stones massage the lower part of our feet. The procedure requires walking length of 5-8 minutes. We should stay in one wading pool for about half a minute.

Shower massage / rain

Experience shower with effects for gently massage or for refreshing after various treatments. Automatic rain shower is a shower with a large 600 mm rosette imitating summer rain. Splashing water is a nice way to relax. Water temperature is adjustable in two heat stages. There is a choice of summer and hot water. Water runs by capacitive button. Shower massage is a popular procedure for blood circulation throughout the body by water temperature of your choice tepid / warm. Time of refreshing is dispensed automatically.


Operation is fully automatic with water temperature 34-36 ° C. At the bottom of the pool is an air geyser. Every person has available hydro-massage jets with aeration. There is enough blood circulation in your body within 20 minutes. Also, the view from the window is wonderful! Capacity: 8 persons.

Thepidarium / Laconium

Classic relaxing warm bath with heated beds should be the very end of the stay in the Vital world. The mirroring effect evokes the atmosphere of water waves on the ceiling makes the procedure spectacular. Capacity: 13 + 11 persons.

Bear's lair - a foot massage with steam bath

is mixture of steam treatments and leg massage with the room temperature in the range 42 - 45 ° C. The relative humidity is 100%. The water temperature is about 34 ° C. Being in the bear's lair is unique! Massage your feet in a warm bath while your steam. Capacity: 9 persons.