Classical massage

One of the oldest methods of performing massage. It is used to massage of stiff muscles and painful places on the body. The main effect is better blood circulation which improves the overall metabolism of the organism.

Relaxing massage

With this technique is used slower hand movement and less pressure. The result is complete physical and psychical relaxation.

Sports massage

It is a kind of classical massage which is specially adapted for athletes. It is used before or after the actual sport performance or training phase.

Reflexology foot massage

It is a massage of reflex points - receptors on the feet. Stimulation of these points on the leg activates function of all organs in the human body and that induce selfhealing processes in the body .


It means the treatment by the fragrance, wherein the massage oil is added ethereal aromas, which have specific effects. We are using the pure natural essential oils.

Classical massages price list

Thai massages

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is 2500 years old healing method based on the concept and knowledge of the energy channels in the body called Sen, where there are important acupressure points. Professional therapists are doing palpation of these points and exerting the necessary pressure on them. It can rid your body of fatigue, eliminate muscle spasms and nervous tension, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, relieves mobility muscles, joints and tendons. Traditional Thai massage lasts 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

Oil massage

Thai aromatic oil massage is a relaxing, harmonizing whole body massage. With this massage are used aromatic oils which soften the skin and whole body envelop to fragrant mist, which enhances the feeling of relaxation. Oil massage calms the nervous system, relieves muscle tension and stimulates circulation. Thai oil massage lasts 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

Hot herbal massage

Hot herbal massage with authentic Thai herbs wrapped in cotton bag. Application of hot pouch will open pores in the skin and herbs can start their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic effects to deep muscle. A mixture of traditional Thai herbs used in the compress has stimulating, relaxing and boosting effect on the body and mind. Hot herbal / coconut massage lasts 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.

Back and shoulder massage

Massage is specifically focused only on your back and hip area in conjunction with massage of shoulders and neck. The procedure is combined with Traditional Thai massage which helps to relax muscles and overall relaxation. Repeating the massage leads to degradation of chronic back pain, headache and has a positive effect on frequent migraines. The massage has a very relaxing effect and works not only physiologically but also psychologically and against stress.

Foot massage

Acupressure at which are stimulated reflex points and more than seven thousand nerve endings on the feet. Massage improves metabolism, blood circulation of stimulated organ, harmonizes blood circulation, improves immunity, detoxifies and rejuvenate.

Head, face and neck massage

Face, head and neck massage can remove feelings of tension, improve flexibility of the neck, reduce tension in the eyes, relieve migraine conditions, improve insomnia and increase concentration. This method of massage relieves facial muscles, brightens the skin and delivers its health and vitality. Overall, it creates a feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

Facial massage

Reflex anti-stress facial massage will bring a sense of calm and vitality. It is a gentle stimulating massage of energy points on the face and head. It helps reduce fine lines. The effect is relaxing, anti-stress and highly relaxing.

Tok Sen massage

This unique method comes from northern Thailand. It's 5,000 years old massage. Translated Tok Sen means "the outflow of energy." For massage we use special tools that produce a penetrating mechanical sound vibrations that resonate through deep layers of tissue and bones. Gently knocks along the energy meridians, resulting in pain relief, eliminate negative energy and its blockade. Loosen seizing organs and improves blood circulation, improves body immunity, detoxifying and rejuvenating effects .

Exclusive massage oil candle

Exclusive oil massage for a truly sensual aroma - therapeutic experience. A unique massage, which employed specially made oil candles will regenerate your body and mind. Massage is incredibly nice, warm, since oil is heated on candle flame. Oil massage candles are purely natural origin, which give the skin softness and guarantee a rejuvenating effect. The therapist uses carefully selected Thai touches that affect the muscles, nervous and lymphatic system.